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This community is for all of those people who follow "Balance of Power" at c_b_s and want to write or draw something for the universe. It can be anything; little drabbles of witty quippisms, or fanart or what have you. There are only a couple rules for playing in our sandbox, so be sure to read 'em before starting!

1) NO SPAMMING OR FLAMING. Let's keep this as fun as possible; after all, that's why we're here!
2) WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE, WATSON? Make sure it has something to do with BoP. It can be a passing reference, but don't get totally off-topic. It confuses people. ^^;
3) WARN ACCORDINGLY. If your fic/pic/what have you is questionable, please rate it. If your contribution has Sex, Violence, or Spoilers, it needs to be labeled as such.
4) LJ CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Put your stuff behind cuts. As long as some stuff gets, we don't want people irritated that their flist is going haywire because of your guys' terrific fics and awesome pics. If you don't know how to do that, the code is < lj-cut text="WHEEEEEEEEEEEE TEXT!" > [Insert Contribution Here] < /lj-cut >, just minus the spaces. ^_^
5) HAVE FUN. There is no reason to post if you don't enjoy it. :D

Have fun, guys!

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